January 14, 2022

The Change Agents podcast is dedicated to telling stories about neighborhood transformations, and the people who make them happen.  Occasionally we hear a podcast that is so closely aligned with our mission that we feel compelled to share it with you. 

Our Stories, Our World is one such podcast.  This youth lead, limited series is a collaboration between Chicago’s own Public Narrative, who are longtime advocates for more accurate community representation in media, and a Picture’s Worth, a nonprofit focused on strengths-based storytelling for community change.  

Based on an innovative concept - each episode of Our Stories, Our World deconstructs a single photograph to tell stories of Chicago grassroots activism.  

This month we are proud to present episode 4 of “Our Stories, Our World,” a conversation between community organizer and abolitionist Tynetta Hill-Muhammad and journalist Andrea Hernandez.  Hill-Muhammad, is the Chicago Chapter Organizer for Black Youth Project 100.  Their conversation is inspired by a photo taken on Aug. 19, 2021, at a “Defund the Police” rally held outside of a CPD district office in Englewood. 

In January, “Our Stories, Our World” is going to share the Season 2 premiere episode of “Change Agents” with their audience.  Produced by “Know History, Know Self.”   

You can find the entire “Our World, Our Stories” series at, or whereever you get your podcasts.  And as always, you can listen to “Change Agents” at  

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