The documentary format is our signature style. We capture people telling their stories with authenticity and craft compelling narratives.

Chicago's True Nature
Emmy Award for Documentary
Colorblind: Rethinking Race
Emmy Award for Documentary
DePaul University: Student Stories
Telly Award for Motivational Video
Kane County (IL) Farmland Protection
Educational Video
Mississippi, America
American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award for Documentary
SEIU Healthcare 30th Anniversary
Advocacy Video
Tal Como Somos / Just As We Are
Chicago Latino Film Festival Audience Award for Documentary
Youth Connection Charter School
Advocacy Video

Juneteenth Productions’ podcast work runs the gamut from intimate personal storytelling to social activism to historical Audio documentaries.

Change Agents

Logo for Change Agents

Change Agents is the product of a multi-week workshop that joins community activists with emerging journalists to tell stories of neighborhood transformations and grassroots activism. The resulting series focuses on mechanisms for change and quashes notions that residents living in marginalized and communities of color are victims without agency to overcome. Simultaneously, the podcast serves as notice to mainstream media that new and diverse voices who have been ignored for too long are ready to take their seat at the table.

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Series Trailer

First on the Scene

Logo for First on the Scene

First on the Scene spotlights the everyday heroes who rush into danger to help their fellow citizens, often sacrificing their own lives to save total strangers.

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First On The Scene Episode One Tease

Hope from the Front Lines

Logo for Hope from the Front Lines

Hope from the Front Lines peaks behind the COVID 19 headlines to reveal the voices and day to day struggles of Chicago’s low-wage essential care givers. These unsung heroes attend to the city’s most-at-risk during the pandemic: seniors, the disabled and children. Predominantly Black and LatinX, they work long hours for little pay and even less recognition. Their stories of resilience, perseverance and commitment to those they care for shine a light during these dark times.

Logo for Hope from the Front Lines
Enough is Enough
A Failure to Communicate

Worker Power

Logo for Worker Power

Worker Power is the first-hand account of a movement of workers organizing for economic and racial justice.  Fast-food workers demanding a living wage and the right to unionize.  They are calling for the time with their families, the moments of joy, and the dignity and respect enjoyed by most Americans.

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Worker Power Tease

The Hidden Hindenburg

Logo for The Hidden Hindenburg

When the largest aircraft ever built crashes into a New Jersey field, cries of sabotage surfaced immediately.  To this day, conspiracy theories about what destroyed the famous Hindenburg circulate amidst the marvel of this huge flying balloon and the rock star pilots who flew it. But like any good mystery, there’s a thread of truth, a smoking gun that’s often overlooked…and sometimes a coverup.  Bestselling author and former Wall Street Journal reporter Michael McCarthy follows this thread through facts and lies, reality and fiction, to sort out the mystery of The Hidden Hindenburg.

Logo for The Hidden Hindenburg
A High Wire Act from Ep #1

Zebra Sisters

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Two high-profile veteran journalists, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell and former reporter and teacher Leslie Baldacci — one black, one white — brought context and spice to the events of the day and the dilemmas of our lives. They tackled the complexities of race relations with candor and humor. Eighteen episodes January through June 2018. (series available through the Sun Times)

Logo for Zebra Sisters
Zebra Sisters Series Open

A partial list of clients and networks we’ve served, providing production, media content and consulting work

  • American Bar Association
  • Apostolic Church of God
  • Asian Health Coalition
  • Baha’i U.S. Media Services
  • Chicago Community Trust
  • Chicago Department of Public Health
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • DePaul University
  • Emergency Nurses Association
  • Fight for $15/ SEIU
  • First Responders Children’s Foundation
  • James Madison University, Furious Flower Poetry Center
  • Kane County (IL)
  • National Black Programming Consortium
  • National Education Television Association (NETA)
  • Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
  • PBS
  • Pearson
  • RC 2020
  • SEIU Healthcare
  • University of Illinois-Chicago School of Nursing
  • WTTW (PBS Chicago)
  • WYCC (PBS Chicago)
  • Youth Connection Charter School
  • Jennifer Productions

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